Blow Us Away

holding hands

helping each other stand

Much more than a friend

the best us strongly depends

on the goodwill we send

in intricate crafts unmanned

releasing bombs of intensity and number

that no man can outrun or withstand

perfect explosions shake us from slumber

drawing us to the front lines

divine weapon at our command

us and them surrender and combine

to a nuclear reworking that demands

peace and compassion as our mission

an art to be practiced and refined

beginning the proud tradition

of improving each other’s position

freeing our brilliant minds

from the confusion of opposition

setting the stage for our grandest designs


3 thoughts on “Blow Us Away

  1. Hello Rev. Avril:

    It’s Jontyle. Made it to New Haven, literally and physically. You don’t get anything until you are ready for it! I promised you that I would reply to your wordpress messages. ALL have been excellent. There is really nothing that can be added to your EXCELLENT musings and ideas.

    I do have an editorial note for this poem.

    that no man or woman can outrun or withstand


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