Chad Bittner Hurt: Warrior of Love & Peace



Love as you breathe, bliss pervades.
Breathe as you love and all is saved.

Words poet Chad Bittner Hurt seems to live by in his poems.  In reading his work one could clearly see his devotion to the ideas of love, faith, healing and peace.  There is a fearlessness that exists within his work of these ideals that prompted the question of whether he feels that there is a lack of appreciation for positivity in poetry and the other arts and how does he transcend the negativity in the world to continue to write such poems?

“Positivity has its place but certain readers dismiss it quite readily. Some I feel think its unrealistic and sappy. Even though, I’ve managed to plant tiny seeds in them. As the days pass and the world inevitably waters them. I know my sweet little words are growing within them. Lovely Pay-it-Forward flowers one day sprouting. That’s if I’m lucky and…

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