A Little About Me…

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Changing the Past, Transforming the Future, by Loving Right Now!

Greetings Friend,

I began studying Yoga philosophy two decades ago with the Bhakti path of Siddha Yoga. It was a beautiful introduction to Yoga as a devotional practice.  But, I became intrigued by the body through asana, so I trained with several types of yoga postural systems. I obtained a B.S. in exercise science and a Master’s of public health, learning: biomechanics, injury prevention, and chronic disease management. Yet, the original depth and sincerity was lacking.

In 2007, I met Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati and was introduced to the Himalayan Tradition, (traditional Yoga Meditation of the Himalayan Masters, the convergence of the three streams: Yoga from the Yoga Sutras, Advaita Vedanta, and Samaya Shri Vidya Tantra), which is dedicated to the art and science of Self-Realization. I am forever changed; I am participating in the Abhyasa Ashram self-study program and coaching in these teachings–where meditation practice is central.

For those who care, I holds numerous fitness and wellness credentials. I also lead weekly meditation groups, and I am the co-leader of the 9:15 “Unplugged” service at Unity North Atlanta Spiritual Center. My conventional job, which is beautifully integrated with my sadhana, is at the Piedmont Atlanta Health and Fitness Club, where I lead: Yoga Therapy (Restorative Yoga asana) classes, meditation, and mindfulness-based employee stress management classes–I’ve got a great gig!

I am a busy Mom in the Northern Suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, with two amazing children and my Yin-Yang cats.  Amidst the chaos of my rapidly moving life: I am studying, guiding, and trying to live Yoga Meditation Philosophy. It is my passion to share the ancient practices in modern and concise language.

Om Shanti Namasté
ओम शांति नमस


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