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The name, “From the Gross to the Subtle”, is derived from my first interaction with my teacher, Swami J.  I was presumptuous enough to be facilitating a 200-hr teacher’s training program.  Yoga Alliance requires 40 hours of philosophy for a program to receive accreditation. I inquired about the Koshas, the progressive layers of “illusion” which cause the individual to appear as separate from the Eternal Nondual. It is my goal to assist others with establishing a relationship with that “core”–the Center of Consciousness— which has innumerous names.

This blog is a labor of love, as well as a work in progress.  It is my intention to offer instruction, share insights, and inspire with submissions from featured guests.  My friends are just like you: parents, full-time workers, and they have a crazy busy lifestyles.

I realize many teachers of mystical traditions, albeit they are amazing, lead a non-traditional (often renunciate) lifestyle.  I want make these teachings accessible; I want to empower others to understand enlightenment is now–in the mundane, everyday, world. It is available in tough and tumultuous times.

Additionally, I notice that many yoga blogs, although they are beautiful, are often focused on posture practice and exotic locations. I have no qualms with these trends; however, my life is centered around a 30 mile radius. Yoga and a tropical getaway are not one and the same. Practices brings you deeper into your life, they do not remove you from it. We need to find peace, tranquility, and who we really are now, in the busyness.

I meditate in the car between clients; I blog in the parking lot of the grocery store.  Sometimes I get distracted and forget to do my sitting practice; other times I have to sit on the “mental mat” (from another great teacher, Radhika Shah-Groven).

If you are new to Yoga meditation, start with the category “Simple Tipscategories are to the right of the screen on a desktop and way down below the “Home” page if you’re on a mobile device!!!  If you have more experience you may enjoy the “Insights” category.  Or you may prefer, try a streaming “Guided Practice“.  More will be coming, including an extensive asana section… Let’s see what happens.  I hope it is useful.

Om Shanti Namasté
ओम शांति नमस

5 thoughts on “How to Use this Blog…

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  2. I love the concept behind this blog. It has been a great source of learning. Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to share your thoughts, insight, and inspiration.

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