Happy Anninversary From the Gross to the Subtle

celebration, fireworks, new year, night

Happy Anniversary From The Gross to the Subtle.  We just renewed our contract with WordPress for another year.  I have added guided practices, you can register for Ma Tri’s workshop directly under the events tab, and I recorded two classic Yoga meditations which will be available by next week–thanks to my friend Kirk Glass.  I am leading 4 sittings a week; plus co-leading the 9 am “unplugged” service at Unity North.

I want to radically transform this into a community blog.  I love sharing Yoga Meditation philosophy; but, there are so many of you with tremendous expertise.  Message me if you interested in guest blogging, providing guided meditations, advertising workshops, or sharing inspirational philosophy.

Lastly, check out United Intentions.  I have just joined this social media platform, it is completely centered on transforming your life by changing your mind–not centered on just “hanging out” on-line.  I am going to create a meditation group which I will link to this blog, too.

I promise to finish “How do You Qualify Yoga” series in the next few weeks.

Thank you to our over 1000 followers.  We love you!

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