Blow Us Away

holding hands

helping each other stand

Much more than a friend

the best us strongly depends

on the goodwill we send

in intricate crafts unmanned

releasing bombs of intensity and number

that no man can outrun or withstand

perfect explosions shake us from slumber

drawing us to the front lines

divine weapon at our command

us and them surrender and combine

to a nuclear reworking that demands

peace and compassion as our mission

an art to be practiced and refined

beginning the proud tradition

of improving each other’s position

freeing our brilliant minds

from the confusion of opposition

setting the stage for our grandest designs


Let’s Dance

From the Gross to the Subtle

A repost from Chad Bittner Hurt, who will be a regular guest blogger og FGTS!

Let’s dance

Deliberate movement
Divine purpose
Each step is an improvement
In our connection to spirit
Expanding our mantra beyond verses
Our bodies surrender to that which is us and reaches up
We move so carefully to all our guides gift us and teach us.
The drum, the beat, the music
That is our vehicle
Is a powerful short cut to the pinnacle,
An embrace we all so earnestly seek
So sing and cut a rug with reckless abandon.
Especially when instructed by those asking us to take each other’s hand in hand,
Bringing us ever closer in meditation and the gentle words they speak.
Leave with an open heart, lose these imaginary boundaries, fade into the oneness that is us becoming,
And settle into a happiness that Is no less than perfection dancing, cheek…

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Chad Bittner Hurt: Warrior of Love & Peace



Love as you breathe, bliss pervades.
Breathe as you love and all is saved.

Words poet Chad Bittner Hurt seems to live by in his poems.  In reading his work one could clearly see his devotion to the ideas of love, faith, healing and peace.  There is a fearlessness that exists within his work of these ideals that prompted the question of whether he feels that there is a lack of appreciation for positivity in poetry and the other arts and how does he transcend the negativity in the world to continue to write such poems?

“Positivity has its place but certain readers dismiss it quite readily. Some I feel think its unrealistic and sappy. Even though, I’ve managed to plant tiny seeds in them. As the days pass and the world inevitably waters them. I know my sweet little words are growing within them. Lovely Pay-it-Forward flowers one day sprouting. That’s if I’m lucky and…

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