Advaita (Nondual) Lord’s Prayer


Advaita Vedanta is the Philosophy in which the Individual Self is understood to be one and the same with the Unifying Nondual Supreme Consciousness.

This an interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer from the perspective of Nondualism.

As this body breathes, I connect with the Supreme Consciousness (which is infinitely named) that exists in and as me.

This is the Silence at the end of Om.

Absorption in this state exists in the Now.

There is no other; I am awake to I am.

From the depth of my heart, I offer gratitude for Self Realization.

Knowledge from this state removes attachments.

Nothing is mine. Nothing is mine.

I ask the grace of the Guru inside, to forgive myself if I stray from the Path of Fire and Light.

My mere mind cannot sustain this awareness. Grace, in the form of Divine Love, is the gravity that pulls me to my True Self.

Nothing exists that is not Brahman.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

​Master  Peace


Slipping Away
So fleeting this awareness
So palpable sometimes
like a thing I can possess
and others it’s a wisp
breezing through my fingers
my strong, capable hands
try to grab hold
try to keep it close

my heart needs to
so it can find the strength
to take the next breath
please help me remain
convinced that it is all worth it
or that ALL is what I think IT is

Help me rend this idea
from the physical trappings
of a limited, falsely
entitled physical mind
and let the freedom
pervade every thought,
which is in and of itself
a tribute to a perfect time,
a perfect place, a perfect peace
that’s an indefinable wisp
breezing through my fingers


Part 8: 30 Days of Peace

Blow Us Away

holding hands

helping each other stand

Much more than a friend

the best us strongly depends

on the goodwill we send

in intricate crafts unmanned

releasing bombs of intensity and number

that no man can outrun or withstand

perfect explosions shake us from slumber

drawing us to the front lines

divine weapon at our command

us and them surrender and combine

to a nuclear reworking that demands

peace and compassion as our mission

an art to be practiced and refined

beginning the proud tradition

of improving each other’s position

freeing our brilliant minds

from the confusion of opposition

setting the stage for our grandest designs


Let’s Dance

From the Gross to the Subtle

A repost from Chad Bittner Hurt, who will be a regular guest blogger og FGTS!

Let’s dance

Deliberate movement
Divine purpose
Each step is an improvement
In our connection to spirit
Expanding our mantra beyond verses
Our bodies surrender to that which is us and reaches up
We move so carefully to all our guides gift us and teach us.
The drum, the beat, the music
That is our vehicle
Is a powerful short cut to the pinnacle,
An embrace we all so earnestly seek
So sing and cut a rug with reckless abandon.
Especially when instructed by those asking us to take each other’s hand in hand,
Bringing us ever closer in meditation and the gentle words they speak.
Leave with an open heart, lose these imaginary boundaries, fade into the oneness that is us becoming,
And settle into a happiness that Is no less than perfection dancing, cheek…

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eyes are a prize in this game –
swiftly removed, then thrown away.
The provided instructions recommend goggles,
but no one can see the words of wisdom
in a practically biblical masterpiece of legalese
that shields the empire from litigation,
but does nothing for those who can see.
They only catch a glimpse before their optics
are collected by those with no foresight,
hungry for a fresh perspective.
They keep looking, frantically searching
for vision in the dead eyes of you and me.
We accept our fate – sight unseen.
The ocular butchers fulfill contracts
written by those happy with Braille,
unaware there are even words to read.
The big picture, stolen from small men
until we persevere in a future unforeseen.
The sacred orb somehow survives,
a crystal ball reflecting long-forgotten hues
in a new world where the one-eyed is king!

Big Love

IMAG2406_1 I arrived on a

paper boat in flames

seaworthy but a moment

until I’m under water again

I’m prepared to swim,

make my way to dry land

no matter the predicament

It’s what I do, I always win

It was I who scattered sand

raised the great mountains

provided this rich earth

as a womb for our flora’s birth

life’s my beach, a witness

to the sunrise with this flow

and ebb I’ve cleverly disguised

as the reliable tide

It’s just a mask for my haven,

something you can actually see

so you can make your way when

your thin vessel is on fire and

inevitably succumbs to the sea

I live for the day you realize

the unshakable bedrock beneath,

build your home upon me