eyes are a prize in this game –
swiftly removed, then thrown away.
The provided instructions recommend goggles,
but no one can see the words of wisdom
in a practically biblical masterpiece of legalese
that shields the empire from litigation,
but does nothing for those who can see.
They only catch a glimpse before their optics
are collected by those with no foresight,
hungry for a fresh perspective.
They keep looking, frantically searching
for vision in the dead eyes of you and me.
We accept our fate – sight unseen.
The ocular butchers fulfill contracts
written by those happy with Braille,
unaware there are even words to read.
The big picture, stolen from small men
until we persevere in a future unforeseen.
The sacred orb somehow survives,
a crystal ball reflecting long-forgotten hues
in a new world where the one-eyed is king!



Today is just a day
Like clockwork, it circles around
It’s everything and everyone
So much is lost
that much more is found
It’s every word uttered in 24 hours
it’s all of us on our way
it’s the sun shining on our feet
it’s smiles and big fun
it’s everyone we greet
it’s refreshing showers and dirty faces
It’s walking and long runs
it’s grimaces and paces
it’s those who weep
it’s working for a living
it’s time to sow what you reap
Be mindful of what you’re giving
Let love be all you feel and say
Forgive us all our misgivings
wake up, and make the most of today