Looking for love
from all of the wrong
when I should be looking above.
Looking for love from the
when I should be looking within.
Falling out of love with my
fellow man
when I should be falling in.
Shouldn’t be asking so many questions.
I don’t need suggestions!
I know love’s going to win.
Stopped, dropped, surrendered,
And I’ll never stop giving in.
Already knew, just had to remember.
All is well under this powerful spell.
A perfect life for me,
conflict is done.
The truth is and always will be
that love’s already won.


Blow Us Away

holding hands
helping each other stand
much more than a friend
the best of us strongly depends
on the goodwill we send
in intricate crafts unmanned
releasing bombs of intensity and number
that no man can outrun or withstand
perfect explosions shake us from slumber
drawing us to the front lines
divine weapon at our command
us and them surrender and combine
to a nuclear reworking that demands
peace and compassion as our mission
an art to be practiced and refined
beginning the proud tradition
of improving each other’s position
freeing our brilliant minds
from the confusion of opposition
setting the stage for our grandest designs

Sacred Cow

Every moment is wholly a matter of now
Not what you say more a matter of how
Leave your tumultuous past in this sacred vow
Insight is a path leading to unending WOW!!
Going on forever beyond sunset and final bow
Headlong into whatever you choose to allow
This peace a gift you willingly endow
Each step a test don’t let it raise a brow
Nothing can splinter this practiced bough
Moreover is our dedication to this sacred Tao
Enlightenment in “Om” even heard in a cat’s meow
None is above you or rather holier than thou
To this I surrender and commence to kowtow

Scar Tissue


Today I planned on writing another meditation-based lesson/insight.  But, sometimes you have to go with your intuition, and recently the universe provided me an opportunity to observe myself and where I am growing from my meditation practice.  As an instructor I want to share what is working (and not working)–hopefully this offers some idea of what you may expect. Additionally, it is important to savor the small victories.  But, don’t accept anything I say–meditate, meditate, meditate and find Truth for yourself.

A “glitch” I have wrestled with is holding grudges.  Who knows where it arose from?  I come from a long line of spicy Panamanian women– perhaps we ate to many chili peppers!  But, it doesn’t matter where it came from; what matters is that it a pattern or samskara, “those deep impressions. It is those deep impressions or seed habit patterns, which are at the root of ALL of our Karmas (actions)” (Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati).

Samskara– it sounds like a scar– a deep etching a groove left in the mind which, like a cd stuck on a track, leads to habituated behavior.

When we sit to meditate we are first taught to let the stream of thoughts come and go without obstruction.  We are taught to let the mind behave naturally and develop the perspective of a detached witness to this stream.  Why?  What purpose does this serve?

Over time this art of gently allowing the mind to unfold and bloom helps the aspirant to “see” that the mind has a limitless capacity for creation.  A meditator learns to have more an impersonal relationship with “their” thoughts; they are just thoughts and not who we are at the core.

Once there is some space between the thinker and the thoughts; the fun starts to really happen… A consistent meditator notices that there are trends and habits of thinking which does not serve them.  In my case, the habit is to become very defensive and angry when I perceived that I have been wronged.  This tendency can lead me to hold a grudge.

Earlier this week, I was relaying to a dear friend some feelings I had about the Yoga community in my home town.  I had a particularly unhappy experience which someone who has a very financially successful studio in-town.  When the antagonist of my drama and I parted company, it left a very sour taste in my mouth. But, this time when I shared the story I finally felt more “neutral”.  I am not going to say it was as if I was a newscaster.  But, it was the first time my blood did not boil.  Furthermore, I was aware of this new sense of “neutrality”.

I have begun to erase this groove.

The yoga sutras speak of four attitudes to cultivateMaitri: Friendliness, pleasantness, loving-ness; Karuna: Compassion, mercy; Mudita: Gladness, goodwill; Upekshanam: Acceptance, equanimity, indifference, neutrality.  The last of these is to be cultivated specifically towards “those we perceive as wicked or evil”.

In addition to the concept of neutrality– notice that the sutras say “those we perceive”, because the truth is, when our minds are deeply entrenched in thought we don’t really get the truth of what is going on.  We ride off on each thought into the land of fantasy where we are the protagonist and the star of our drama.

As we move further into our path we work towards not creating new etchings by a committment to observing the thoughts. Then they don’t unconsciously affix to us– we are aware of their comings and goings.  When an unsavory thought attempts take hold we label it as “not useful” and let it go.  After all, we aren’t defined by them– they are just thoughts– and we understand that they are the product of our beautiful, boundless, ever creative mind.

Amber Easy

Gush and rush
to your brain and toes
Godspeed to your knees
Bow at the feet of the toads
When their mouths swell
take heed of the stoic repose
in the face of environmental ruin
While for us this feeling of dread
Well it comes and goes
Just the life of a human
lost in our own head I suppose
That’s what they keep telling me
but nothing is true man
because no one knows
how things’ll turn out to be
when the sun burns out
and the final wind blows
So I’ll just open my heart
pour it all out
however this love spills
I’ll just let it be so
a buoy in an ocean of doubt
clutching my straw
smugly fulfilled
a fool in the flow
holding fast to outlast
the highs and lows



Love is the ultimate state of consciousness. This love is of a transcendental nature–not just the emotion-based physical level. This is the layer of Consciousness that has an infinite numbers of names. It is the layer that I attempt to Realize in deep meditation, contemplation, and prayer. I choose the word, “Realize”, as opposed to attain, because it is our true nature. In a sense, we have forgotten it. It is the realm of deathlessness. In fact, when someone dies the pain is due to the separation from their body–not the loss of Love. Because, what is left is what is Real and Permanent, and what is Real and Permanent is Love.

Sweet Heartful

Bursting at the seems
What seams to be us?
Getting the right words mixed up
Everything else is clear enough
In the right place?
They need too be
but its to tough for me
Leaf it up too you
two sort it out
I trust your judgement
believe in the movement
Tick tock is the reliable clock
Eye surrender too
the spaces in between
Divinity is next two cleanliness
So let’s make them squeaky
and get lost in the dream