The story of a world saved,
a man holding our hand
Guiding us with a new way of thinking
and a great sacrifice made

His love song began
With a star, sweet parents, wise men,
and salvation born on a manger’s floor
a great awakening unto man
a blossoming of consciousness like never before
a brighter light shone on God’s plan

He lived a life worthy of our praise
An example for you and I to follow
his encircling arms, and lasting embrace
a reminder that we are full, perfect, and not hollow
We are children of the sacred, armed with trust and light

The story of our life is whatever we make it
so let us give thanks and let our spirits take flight
with the transcendent joy in his story writ
a time spanning classic of love at first sight

Happy Birthday Love

Confetti, balloons, candles
But not too many
Unless we’re talking about lovely afternoons
Or walks on the beach in our sandals
Your quality introspection,
communions with the stillness
And your journey of discovery and investigation are another year older today
I bless your pursuit of wellness
And I say many, too much, and all of your energy
To this and all following years of your endeavor
As we feel the sand on our feet on this side of forever
And we lose the US and and become the ocean, the sun, the water and the heat In a celebration of wisdom and peace
That is another tempered year
I’m proud to behold your unique
And beautiful rendition
Of the limitless you project
So gracefully
As we step courageously
Ever vigilant in this grand expedition

Happy Birthday Lovely Melita!

Tranquility Unites

Empower your eyes to take in the richly decorated skies
filled with the flowers that bloom for the bees, and the powerful trees
that gift us with beautiful vision and profound insights
into the peace and achievement possible when we embrace the stillness
at the center of the ups, downs, and indecision,
dancing around these flashing lights


these games of seperation
are enemies of the majesty
feeding voraciously,
consuming ferociously
growing exponentially
now more than ever
we need you tremendously
to fight the good fight couragesly
help us end this tragedy
with your philantrophy
recognition of non duality
and inherent spirituality
whilst loving universally
in this emerging reality