Where two or three have gathered…

This week has been one of many opportunities to connect, spiritually, with many similarly minded individuals.  I travelled to my teacher’s ashram in Fort Walton Beach and participated in meditation sittings and two group discussions, I had a birthday and (experienced Facebook at it’s best) received prolific blessings from loved-ones and associates, I lead an ongoing meditation group, I participated in Unity’s World Day of Prayer, I began a new weekly meditation group, I participated in the Women of Unity meeting, and lead a workshop in the North Georgia mountains–phew!  Now, that is not a typical week; I feel as though my spiritual cup is full to the brim.  I also feel that this chance to share sacred space was a reminder of the importance of satsang–keeping company with the truth.

It is so easy to get caught up in the mundane: work, family obligation, and general busyness.  Therefore, the Himalayan Tradition recommends sitting to meditate daily– connecting with your source regularly.  When you are “plugged in” to the source, you are more inclined to remember that all that is “outside” of you is merely the “Divine Play“.

However, sharing space adds another dimension to one’s spiritual practice– above and beyond merely sharing similar ideas.  When you are with other sadhakas (aspirants), you are reminded that your center is the same as theirs.  It injects you with an optimism that there are others on this quest and reminds you, that despite all the negative images and sound bytes in the media, that there are others who are on a quest to really know themselves as well.

We all here about retreats; it is good to get away and be alone. But, propagate that energy and get together are share sacred space too!

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