Hive Mind

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Marvel at what happens when a collection of beautiful souls agrees it will!


Recently, I was at Unity North Atlanta for an interfaith service where the presenter was Tom Blue Wolf, a Native American Elder from North Georgia. He discussed numerous amazing subjects, artfully linking them together in an intricate lattice-like experience. During his talk he spoke about bees. He’s a beekeeper, he sells honey and bee pollen. He shared how perfect they are in their creation.  He articulated, how they had evolved so little over millions of years. Unlike other species, who keep getting upgraded or deleted.

I am not an entomologist. However, the concept of the bee colony captivated my imagination. I began to think about the bees as über-collective consciousness. Their whole life dedicated to the survival of the whole. We can learn so much from them. The Earth is the whole, we all have the opportunity to be steward worker bees.

But in many societies, the image of a worker bee is a negative metaphor. We think of a mindless drone buzzing about in the mundane. Images come to mind of “sheeple” lined up twisting wingnuts on a conveyor belt.

However, a life of complete service is nothing to scoff at.  If we really subscribe to the philosophy that we are all one, we all are here to serve each other.

This does not denote that individual hopes and dreams are invaluable.  If we are aligned in our center and engage in introspective practices (such as affirmative prayer, internal dialogue, gratitude and meditation) we realize that these same hopes and dreams pervade all of human consciousness.  To quote the practice of loving-kindess meditation, we all want to be “happy, well, safe, peaceful and at ease”.

The Sanskrit word seva is “is a service which is performed without any expectation of result or award for performing it. Such services can be performed to benefit other human beings or society“.  All of our work can be done with this held in our heart.  Nothing is really ours, we are on borrowed time–so give it all away.



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