360 Degree Values


Greetings Dear One,

When I contemplate the Divine, I consider how numerous wisdom traditions claim that it is indescribable. In Islam there are the “99 most beautiful names of Allah“.  Sanatana Dharma expounds three energies: creation, maintenance, and destruction ascribed to Brahma Vishnu and Shiva. The Yogi’s describe their experience the infinite as “sat, chit, and ananda” (truth, consciousness, and bliss). Many Christians describe God as Love. The Buddhist claim no one has an immortal soul; however, we are all linked through karma.

Those descriptions sound very different.  In my opinion, the “energy” they describe has reciprocity.  The energy extends outward, infinitely, in all directions.  Whether you describe it as love, bliss, truth, kindness, or karma, it doesn’t know boundaries.  It is extended to all beings.

We can strive to embody this boundarylessness and make a stand to treat everyone and everything equally.

In ACT therapy, Values are described as the qualities you want to bring to your every aspect of your life.  They are how you want to treat your body, your mind, your loved ones, your neighbors, the planet, and even your “enemies”.  Values are the way you want to show up as you pursue your goals.  Ideally, you are Values congruent when you attain your goals and if you miss the mark.

Many wisdom traditions also explain that the apparent reality is ephemeral.  It’s not difficult to think about the impermanent nature of everything in existence.  Whether we believe there is an underlying Soul, or Nothing, it seems like the closest thing to constancy is the aforementioned energies of the Divine… love, truth, karma.

If we live with the understanding of impermanence we will cultivate and nurture our love. Only then will it last. You have to nourish and look after your love for it to grow.

Thich Nhat Hahn

Living from Values is emulating the Divine.  This way of being creates continuity during all of the ups and downs.  We can embody love during happy times and during sad times.  We can be truthful when we get what we want and when we don’t get what we want.  Compassion can be extended to every atom.

This is dharma as prescribed throughout the Wisdom Traditions: the Commandments, the Golden Rule, the parables of Jesus, yama and niyama, the noble eightfold path

This is following a code of ethics because you are aware that your are interbeing with everyone–not because you fear punishment or expect reward.

In my previous post, I noted I added new practices.  The loving-kindness meditation is designed to help cultivate the Values of love and kindness in a 360 degree format.  You can try this practice to help you deepen your capacity to experience and embody these Values.  You can even do it without the guidance and add other Values: compassion, friendliness, gratitude, persistence, resilience, etc.

Lokāḥ Samastāḥ Sukhino Bhavantu – Let the entire world be happy.

Sarve Jana sukhino Bhavantu – Let the People of the world be happy

Next time, let’s talk about “Happiness”

Om Shanti Namaste


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