eyes are a prize in this game –
swiftly removed, then thrown away.
The provided instructions recommend goggles,
but no one can see the words of wisdom
in a practically biblical masterpiece of legalese
that shields the empire from litigation,
but does nothing for those who can see.
They only catch a glimpse before their optics
are collected by those with no foresight,
hungry for a fresh perspective.
They keep looking, frantically searching
for vision in the dead eyes of you and me.
We accept our fate – sight unseen.
The ocular butchers fulfill contracts
written by those happy with Braille,
unaware there are even words to read.
The big picture, stolen from small men
until we persevere in a future unforeseen.
The sacred orb somehow survives,
a crystal ball reflecting long-forgotten hues
in a new world where the one-eyed is king!

Big Love

IMAG2406_1 I arrived on a

paper boat in flames

seaworthy but a moment

until I’m under water again

I’m prepared to swim,

make my way to dry land

no matter the predicament

It’s what I do, I always win

It was I who scattered sand

raised the great mountains

provided this rich earth

as a womb for our flora’s birth

life’s my beach, a witness

to the sunrise with this flow

and ebb I’ve cleverly disguised

as the reliable tide

It’s just a mask for my haven,

something you can actually see

so you can make your way when

your thin vessel is on fire and

inevitably succumbs to the sea

I live for the day you realize

the unshakable bedrock beneath,

build your home upon me

Love Maker, Earth Mover


The old rule, are you ready to break it?
Convention just isn’t strong enough to make it
It collapses under the weight
of a new world order played out in faith
enlightened by a good man worthwhile
An indigo child running wild
sparkling eyes so sweet, noble to the core
No story quite like this has been written before
He speaks kindly and clearly to every man
He’s a language that everyone understands
He’ll stay with you come whatever may
Staring down the impossible, he always sees a way
So simple yet so profound is his gift
No need to struggle, he’ll lend a hand and just lift
this burden into the ether and off your shoulders
He’ll laugh with you as you grow older
A hero that wants only your favor in return
A fireman to rescue you as this world burns
A great example that equalizes the good books
A man that forces you to take a closer look
at the version of truth you’ve chosen to greet
and if you look both ways before you cross this street
you’ll surely see his gorgeous, speeding karma
blow by brilliantly and run right over your dogma

Chad Bittner Hurt: Warrior of Love & Peace



Love as you breathe, bliss pervades.
Breathe as you love and all is saved.

Words poet Chad Bittner Hurt seems to live by in his poems.  In reading his work one could clearly see his devotion to the ideas of love, faith, healing and peace.  There is a fearlessness that exists within his work of these ideals that prompted the question of whether he feels that there is a lack of appreciation for positivity in poetry and the other arts and how does he transcend the negativity in the world to continue to write such poems?

“Positivity has its place but certain readers dismiss it quite readily. Some I feel think its unrealistic and sappy. Even though, I’ve managed to plant tiny seeds in them. As the days pass and the world inevitably waters them. I know my sweet little words are growing within them. Lovely Pay-it-Forward flowers one day sprouting. That’s if I’m lucky and…

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Hand In Glove

Holding each other’s hand
so we are whole, not just a part of.
Shiva and Shakti be damned.
They’ll not survive the night,
when we leave them in favor of
serenity in our guiding light
beckoning from within, not above.
Unravelling dualism’s intricate plan
to decode the illusory distinction
between pigeon and dove.
Arriving at the promised land
of tomorrow, accomplished in love.