Temple of Efflorescence

I was
but tiny fury, each moment before.
Aimless energy
moving small, making little sound.
Still, strong enough to shake me awake!
Chain reaction
mingled with law of attraction
drawing on tempered intention
positively building the perfect munition.
Now, a nuclear
Breaking, shaking the ground.
Energy profound
from the well of stillness,
it blooms from a lovely calm.
Be humbled, bear witness,
bow to the sweet devastation
alive in the detonation of
our beloved bomb.

The Pitch

So different
than you thought
it would be
it’s so much better
it’s kind of like water
but colder and wetter
it’s like the sun
and the miracle
of its twenty four hour run.
it’s like the alphabet,
actually, it’s more like
your favorite letter.
it’s like the best movie
before it’s even begun
or a sports car
that couldn’t get any redder
it’s the hills
and people singing
it’s one of the old adventures
in a little blue pill
it’s a relative’s telephone ringing
it’s the sky
that hasn’t fallen
it’s the person
that was just calling
it’s a resume
with a perfect header
it’s the girl
that wanted to go to prom
but her dad
just wouldn’t let her
call the papers
ready the type setter!
because I have an interesting story
of an odd little caper
that smacks of love
and life in all its glory
all I need is your ear
and the best of your time
it’s an epic that’ll spans years
a true masterpiece
that exemplifies rhyme
deserving of your sweetest tears
So what do you say?
does it sound good to you?
come sit down
there’s so much to do
Let’s start by rethinking thought
and all the food we’ve fed her,
and you’ll be surprised
at how easy it’ll be
to write this story together!









What’s up?

What’s the situation?

How you doing?

Hey there

What’s brewing?




Good day!

A different greeting

with each heart beat

I leave you with only one farewell

The only good bye worthy

of our meeting

and subsequent chance to play

A sincere, cultivated, and lovely

expression of Namaste!


The story of a world saved,
a man holding our hand
Guiding us with a new way of thinking
and a great sacrifice made

His love song began
With a star, sweet parents, wise men,
and salvation born on a manger’s floor
a great awakening unto man
a blossoming of consciousness like never before
a brighter light shone on God’s plan

He lived a life worthy of our praise
An example for you and I to follow
his encircling arms, and lasting embrace
a reminder that we are full, perfect, and not hollow
We are children of the sacred, armed with trust and light

The story of our life is whatever we make it
so let us give thanks and let our spirits take flight
with the transcendent joy in his story writ
a time spanning classic of love at first sight

Go Big

Everything rhymes
rhyme everything
The physics are just waiting
For you to get with it,
Use this cosmic math
make something out of nothing
give form to this and all time
Don’t you see?
It’s all music!
Every sound ever heard
You can pick and peruse it.
This gift is yours
Even if you refuse it
Whatever song you want sung
Whatever needs to be done
Just do it
Swirl it up in gorgeous tornado
while you can still choose it
let them marvel at your influence.
Scatter the pieces of everything everywhere,
Show us that you really blew it
Make them wonder how they got through it
Then bring it all back to everything
A perfect rhyme so settling,
We just fade into it


even though it seems that my heart forgets the song I must remember that it is always humming with the love in the air and on the lips of those with whom I speak and in the eyes of those that pass. Even though it seems that my ears can not hear it, the song is always playing, it is the tree that mistakenly believes it is alone, not making a sound as it falls. We hear you sweet tree, your crash landing reverberates so bitter-sweetly creating many beautiful, multifaceted stories witnessed and experienced by all. The journey to rock bottom is not necessary to the song but helps those of us lost to find it. The only definite in the music is the destination, a pure singular tone that washes away all of the tiny details of up down tree and rock. A tone that returns us to each other and boils it all down to perfection. close your eyes and allow yourself to embrace the anchor of you to all, the song to which we may not always remember but can never really forget Ommmmmmm………

Tranquility Unites

Empower your eyes to take in the richly decorated skies
filled with the flowers that bloom for the bees, and the powerful trees
that gift us with beautiful vision and profound insights
into the peace and achievement possible when we embrace the stillness
at the center of the ups, downs, and indecision,
dancing around these flashing lights