even though it seems that my heart forgets the song I must remember that it is always humming with the love in the air and on the lips of those with whom I speak and in the eyes of those that pass. Even though it seems that my ears can not hear it, the song is always playing, it is the tree that mistakenly believes it is alone, not making a sound as it falls. We hear you sweet tree, your crash landing reverberates so bitter-sweetly creating many beautiful, multifaceted stories witnessed and experienced by all. The journey to rock bottom is not necessary to the song but helps those of us lost to find it. The only definite in the music is the destination, a pure singular tone that washes away all of the tiny details of up down tree and rock. A tone that returns us to each other and boils it all down to perfection. close your eyes and allow yourself to embrace the anchor of you to all, the song to which we may not always remember but can never really forget Ommmmmmm………

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