I’m too busy to meditate…

“I’m too busy to meditate”, does that sound like you?  There are times that I have perceived myself as being too busy too.  However, whether or not we are aware of it, we are meditating– we are often meditating on our inability to go inside.  We may be meditating on our stress, on our busyness, on our distractions.

The “New Thought Philosophy“– which is heavily inspired by the Himalayan Tradition– subscribes to the principle, “We create our life experiences through our way of thinking”.  If we are operating from a perspective of lack, then lack is what we manifest.

Meditation, prayer, and contemplation are a rights, they are privileges, and legacy.  We are the pure consciousness, the silence, the unnameable transcendental state that appears to project outward and condense into everything we see.  In order to maintain an awareness of our true nature, we must go inside.

All day long, like the transcendental consciousness, we are doing, making, creating.  It is very easy to forget who we really are and fully identify with our actions and creations.

Then we feel separation.  We feel like our plight is something “others” cannot understand; this is avidya.

The perceived duality of existence originates in this separation.

Yet, if we allot time, during meditation, to steep in our core– we can reduce the effects of this delusion.  We still operate in the world; but, we are not so attached to it that we feel it defines us.

So, as the sages of old and new say, “Meditate, Meditate, Meditate”.