Ripples and Tsunamis

I saw the quote above on PDAN Teen.  The I rememebred, Ma Tri once described thoughts as ripples on the lake of the mind. She went on further to described emotions as Tsunamis. Then she expounded, “Imagine you could harness the energy of a Tsunami. Imagine if you directed that to whatever your life’s goal is”.  It left me speechless. I long to crave self-realization with the same fervor as any other Tsunami which has roared through me. Until then, I’ll ride the waves and learn to surf.

3 thoughts on “Ripples and Tsunamis

  1. On the open ocean there is a great deal of similarity between ripples and what becomes a tsunami. They are energy moving through the water that displaces the water and then continues on; it is only when the energy of the wave reaches resistance from the shore that the wave begins to crest and release its awesome power. Perhaps we would do well to just let trials flow past us harmlessly rather than letting it build to fearsome events with our active resistance.

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