Keeping Company with the Truth

people_holding_hands_to_show_unity (1)

I originally posted this about a year ago; but, my feelings have not diminished.  It needed to be restated.  I refreshed it a little, too.

Satsang is a Sanskrit word I love; it has an onomatopoeia-like quality to it… When I say it I feel a warmth, like Picasso said, “the sun in my belly”.

Satsang can be translated as, “keeping company with the truth “. Sat, means “highest truth”. It is one of the attributes of the Center of Consciousness.

The suffix -sang in “Satsang” means community; as in the Buddhist term “Sangha”.

In previous posts, I stressed the necessity of going inside to steep in Center of Consciousness. The distillate of direct experience is the highest truth.  It is not mere conceptual knowledge.

However, since it is Our Collective Center, we can also expand our knowledge of it by spending time with other seekers.  We can help each other to remember Our True Nature–the aforementioned Center of Consciousness–which is eternal and flawless.

It is so to forget, even for the most dedicated aspirant. Self-seeking can be isolating.  But, the spiritual path is not supposed be grim.  Even monks gather in communities!   So, go into the cave; but, emerge and share the Divinity of Our True Nature.

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