Keeping Company with the Truth

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I originally posted this about a year ago; but, my feelings have not diminished.  It needed to be restated.  I refreshed it a little, too.

Satsang is a Sanskrit word I love; it has an onomatopoeia-like quality to it… When I say it I feel a warmth, like Picasso said, “the sun in my belly”.

Satsang can be translated as, “keeping company with the truth “. Sat, means “highest truth”. It is one of the attributes of the Center of Consciousness.

The suffix -sang in “Satsang” means community; as in the Buddhist term “Sangha”.

In previous posts, I stressed the necessity of going inside to steep in Center of Consciousness. The distillate of direct experience is the highest truth.  It is not mere conceptual knowledge.

However, since it is Our Collective Center, we can also expand our knowledge of it by spending time with other seekers.  We can help each other to remember Our True Nature–the aforementioned Center of Consciousness–which is eternal and flawless.

It is so to forget, even for the most dedicated aspirant. Self-seeking can be isolating.  But, the spiritual path is not supposed be grim.  Even monks gather in communities!   So, go into the cave; but, emerge and share the Divinity of Our True Nature.

All Yogic approaches require a commitment to radical self-transformation.

Part 5 of “How do you Qualify Yoga

While I understand why Georg expounds, Yoga requires a committment to radical self-transformation, I also feel as though it can be stated differently: Yoga requires committment to self-recovery.  There is an alchemy to it; but, there is not really anything to transform, you are already who you are seeking.  However, our lives, karma, addictions, experiences–whatever you want to call them have veiled the Truth that we are seeking.

About a year ago, I cannot believe this endeavor began a year ago, I wrote a post “Setting it All Down“, in which I shared how my beloved teacher reminded me that the gift of Yoga meditation is setting aside all of the false identities to, hopefully (and with consistency and committment), gain realization of who we truly are.

Sometimes these false identities are so heavy; especially, when life isn’t doing what YOU want, when people aren’t showing up how YOU want, when you realize that in our current incarnation we don’t control– we are part of the karmic wheel– the goal of Yoga being to un-yoke ourselves from this, potentially, never-ending journey.

Yoga is about using every moment in your life to become fully present to what is really going on.  To see the only locus of control is your inner environment.  It’s not about getting limber on the outside.  It’s about limbering up inside.

And, as I mentioned in the posting, “The Practice is Perfect“, you have to do this every day, every minute, every second.  And when you slip, you say “Ah, I have something to learn here”.

This has been a time of slipping for me; my life isn’t showing up how I want it to.  But, it’s showing up how I, obviously, need it to.  Divine consciousness makes no mistakes.  So here I go again, maybe one step closer to who I truly am.

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Ooh Formless Divine Mother…. hear my longing, hear my prayers for strength to keep going to use every moment for increasing awareness and to allow the surrendering into formless Love. None of the sensory impressions are me, none of the thoughts are me… ooh take me in Your formless arms, take it all, as I have nothing to loose as none is my. Most deepest gratitude for the sages and the selfless offerings to show us the path… humbly I walk in these golden footprints together with my fellow sadhakas friends, which company I value tremendously. Standing ever stronger for what I know to be true: Aham Brahmasmi ♥ And so are all of you! We are all sparks in the divine ocean of bliss, splashing around but One is true essence. See the Absolute smiling, giving and sharing through the human beings… What a joy to be aware in Vaishvanara!  Have a wonderful day ahead full of play, love and giving ♥

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Hand In Glove

Holding each other’s hand
so we are whole, not just a part of.
Shiva and Shakti be damned.
They’ll not survive the night,
when we leave them in favor of
serenity in our guiding light
beckoning from within, not above.
Unravelling dualism’s intricate plan
to decode the illusory distinction
between pigeon and dove.
Arriving at the promised land
of tomorrow, accomplished in love.