There Is No Spoon


Every moment is the only moment.  In the midst of tragedy you can choose to go into the Self and find the Eternal Truth.  This is untainted by the transient, and often troubled, world.  Despite what appears to be chaos, there is a substratum where we all are One.  Through meditation on silence and affirmative prayer we connect with this Divine Matrix.  Then you realize, like in the movie, that you don’t have to try to bend spoons.

There are always atrocities on the news.  Anyone of average intelligence knows that sensationalism sells.  But, for me, it feels so close to home right now.  This body I have incarnated in is Black and I am raising children how have incarnated as mixed-race people.  Yes, I deeply believe (and in moments of samadhi I have known) that and we are all One.  Yet, when I open my eyes and engage in the world I, temporarily, forget.

I become angry and I fear for my son–who is the sweetest young man I know.  He is 6′ 2″ at age fourteen.  I plead with him to not wear his hood, to be polite, and not to cut through the neighbor’s yard–because he may be murdered.  Yes, I am deeply committed to my spiritual practices and I know that no one dies.  But, our karmic bond is deeper than philosophical conjecture.

I’m playing multiple roles on the stage we call “life”.  Some of the roles seem to contradict each other.  As a mother, I am a wildcat backed into a corner who is desperately trying to care for her cubs.   As a an aspirant, I uphold the tenet that all life is equal and valuable.  I also strive to remember that those who inciting violence are in pain.  But, sometimes it easier said than done.

Two wise teachers told me, there are two things we always must remember.  First:

Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be.


Anything you do everything you experience will either bring you closer to or farther from the Truth (Center of Consciousness, perception of God, Yoga, Unity, Christ Consciousness, and numerous names for Supreme Oneness).

The first principle is that we really never know what is going on beneath the surface level of appearances.  I mentioned, perpetrators of violence are victims, as well.  Karma is intertwined at every level.  What we are seeing is a ripple on the surface of the ocean of cause and effect.  It’s not judgement by an anthropomorphic paternal deity– we are seeing the ripples from infinite stones being thrown into the lake of eternity.

The second principle is to cease throwing stones which cloud the lake and obscure the Truth.  The second principle is supreme compassion for ourselves–at any given moment we can choose to love everyone.  At any moment we can look at someone and choose to remember there is no other.  These are choices made in a nanosecond.

Then we bend, we grow, we advance and we can be a beacon to bring those who are still perceiving separation toward Our Collective Center of Consciousness.

Part 1 of 30 Days of Peace…

16 thoughts on “There Is No Spoon

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    • That’s exactly what I’m saying. And I’m really saying that in the previous post with respect to meditation. When we go into the center of Consciousness it’s a collective Center because there is no duality Creator is manifester it’s not one and the other it’s one in the same. So, people are getting it wrong when they meditate to go into themselves. It’s Ourself. This helps to give us true Vision to see beyond the boundaries of bodies and trivialities of race sex and sexuality.

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      • Thank you for the clarifications. I see some try to “self-satisfy” by thinking too much their own existence and how they personally fit. I have found that focusing outward on the bigger picture and relating more externally with focus away from myself is the most effective.


      • That’s exactly what yoga meditation is. Outward and inward are tricky terms because you’re using your senses to define the infinite. It seems as if we’re going inward but in truth we are expanding. And really we’re not even expanding its our awareness of our true nature that’s increasing.


      • I am reminded of the particle and the wave. The particle exists, as does the wave, inseparable. Communing with the bigger picture helps me know where I fit. Knowing my individual self helps me to serve the big picture.

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  3. I love the realness and honesty of your post. You remind me that spiritual teachings are one thing; grappling with, adapting and integrating the teaching in the challenges of time and space is quite another. Thank you for sharing.

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