Just getting started… Hoping it’s useful.

As not a technically savvy person, learning to create this blog will be a meditation in and of itself.  For those of you who know me already, I am so excited to have an unfettered home base.  For those of you who are new friends, I hope you will find this blog useful.  In fact that is a nice place to start… If you are interested in meditation, it is helpful to practice introspection.  That way when the you sit, you are not subject to the Hollywood trailer-like unfolding of your subconscious.  Allow you mind a few minutes to just unwind.  Don’t judge what comes up– it’s all good, they’re are just thoughts and don’t define you.  You can playfully decide which ones are useful to cultivate and which to consider to be not useful.  This can also be done during the day–  I periodically pause at work or making dinner to laugh at the thought train and decide which thoughts are worth staying with and which are just my silly mind.

Love and Light

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