Small steps

I mentioned in “Getting Started”, it is difficult to simply sit and meditate. This does not me that the task should be seen as daunting– it is your right and privilege.  However, just as if you wanted to learn to speak a new language or learn calligraphy, you start with small steps.  In order to meditate successfully, you must develop a different understanding of your how your mind works– you don’t try to stop thinking or suppress the thoughts– you learn to understand them and to look at them as separate from you (that’s getting a little esoteric).  In a sense, you have thoughts; but, you are not your thoughts.  The problem is, at the beginning (and maybe for a long time afterwards), you identify with them– I think therefore I am.  In “Getting Started” (8/2/2014) I mentioned introspection, spend some time just allowing the mind to unfold.  But, do this with a playful attitude– be amused and amazed at your inner workings– 1,2,3 minutes in a quiet room is amazing.  If you really want to go further, after introspection, just begin to work with the breath.  Don’t over complicate it, deep breathing, awareness at the diaphragm (below the breastbone, above the navel) 1,2,3 minutes.  Just focus on the breath and let the thoughts continue to come… There you go, you’re on your way.

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