Sitting to Meditate

Writing a blog is as much a spiritual endeavor as any of my other practices. I now realize there is so much that goes into making this page useful. I will be adding a gentle asana section soon, the poses I highlight will specifically assist with developing a seated posture. Until then, I’ve linked Ma Tri’s beautiful asana chart and a little YouTube Video of asana for posture below.

Sitting well is foundational to a meditation practice.  However, this can be a major obstruction to going inside. In this system, we work with the many levels of ourselves, moving from the gross physical body to the superconscious core. Therefore, the physical body must be prepared to support this endeavor.

This is where the conventional asana class is supportive. If you followed the link above, in the Yoga Sutras, “asana” means a “comfortable seat”. If one is seeking the highest state of existence, asanas are an opportunity to prepare the body and experience meditation in action–but, they aren’t the apex.

Sitting tall and well, is much more than about aesthetics. It is essential to proper physiological functioning. Furthermore, it is an anchor to hold you in the present moment. One should release any idea or preconceived notion of the ascetic, sitting cross leg and semi-nude on a mountain top without any creature comforts. If you’ve been a desk jockey, you need a chair. Using a chair is not admitting defeat, it’s acknowledging the physical limitation and working to transcend it.

Try to find a quiet place, free from outside distraction. I suggest you do some gentle stretches; then, as I posted before, observe the unfolding of the mind. For those  who want to go a little further, begin to work with the breath. Just start to bring awareness to the breath–sit in absolute silence and observe the natural rhythm. Try to sit without moving for adjusting and observe for a predetermined amount of time. In the beginning, it’s best not to try to do this for too long; you don’t want to strain and develop an aversion. In the early stages of sitting I recommend three to seven minutes at the most. Think of simply sitting well, also, as meditation in action.

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