What kind of King will I be?

Letting these words write themselves,
surrendering to what’s needing to come out.
Giving up to the rhyme that births its own meaning and dictates itself.
I wish I could take credit but its something greater steering the ship bringing me to new heights if I let it.
Getting easier to be a bystander because life is just grander when viewed from afar.
My microscope betrayed me, couldn’t understand the close up picture the way I needed to.
Lightning bugs don’t belong in a jar.
Had to set it all free and know that the plan that named me king,
and supreme ruler of everything was not a mistake.
Think bigger, know it all, rule it with freedom have the wisdom to let nature take.
When the big picture comes into focus and your eyes are finally allowed to see, sit back with your crown on your head survey this lovely land and ask yourself what kind of king will I be?

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