Swan Song

Life on the island is a bit awkward at first
Surrounded by water in this tiny burg
Everyone knows everyone
If death pays a visit, it is most certainly one of your friends in the hearse
What makes matters worse
If I find love amongst the tourists
It is the topic of conversation from the mailman to the local florist,
for the better part of a week.
I swear to you these people have nothing better to do than to stick their noses in and, occasionally, lie on the beach.
But it’s a small price really, to get some work done.
left my old baggage to the wolves in the city and gave my inner voice a chance to really speak.
I’ve had so much to say for so long, but was silenced by adversity
This permanent vacation will do wonders for my song.
I’m making amends with creativity
Comedies and great tragedies
will be unleashed.
I’ll give you smiles and tears all while massaging your fears
in text that will positively leap
from the page and into your imagination.
Just bear with me as I work on the translation
cocktail dress from ball gown
a beach hat from an elegant crown,
be prepared to receive art from the core of me,
A gift to you.
Although not new,
it’ll finally see it’s proper light of day because of the lovely setting.
With a bit of work, adjusting and sweating,
Lord willing, I’ll produce some sage and powerful words
that you won’t soon be forgetting.
Straight from the heart of this freshly anointed, small town girl
An ample gift to those that beseech
I hope they have the strength to escape, travel the world,
and I bid them godspeed to all they may reach.

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