Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefit

The endeavor of this blog is simple–but not easy: Changing the Past, Transforming the Future, by Loving Right Now!  As most of our readership knows, we strive to serve others through sharing: teachings of the Himalayan Tradition, our insights and experiences in meditation, and our Poetry.  However, my recent acumen is, being a Yoga Meditation Coach supports my own Life Goal–SelfRealization.

As I have said in previous postings, this tradition uses the word Realize (as opposed to transcend) because we are waking up to our Truth–our Real Nature.

About a year ago, my meditation practice began to shift.  I felt a burning desire to affirm to Consciousness my desire to assist others develop a meditation practice.  There were several factors contributing to this pull: I wanted to feel more “authentic”, I was unhappy with the direction I found many asana classes going in, and I was driven by the peace I find when I go inside–even during a seemingly lackluster sitting. Over the course of the year, spaces opened up and I was propelled from leading a casual workshop to several, then to multiple weekly classes and then this blog–which I am so fortunate to share with The Love of my Life.

As space (not really free time) has presented itself in my schedule, it has also presented itself in my heart.  Coaching is propelling me into a place of intense devotion (bhava) to the teachings and teachers which have given me so much. Furthermore, it has forced me to raise the standards I hold myself too.  I was inconsistent.  I used to feel that I could not sit still, I could not quiet my mind (which I have relinquished trying to do), and I could not go deeply into meditation.  But, as I began to share my passion, I found the committment (virya–notice the similarity to virility) that I had previously lacked. Merely (but, again not easily) having a modicum of accountability to others lit a fire under my rear.

My husband often says, “even if you practice serving other for selfish reasons, it raises the vibration of everything”.  When I began this endeavor, I wanted to feel more authentic, was unhappy with classes, wanted to share my perspective on peace– it wasn’t about The Tradition is was about me…

Wow, I still have so much more undoing to do.  As my beloved Swami J reminds me, this practice is about setting aside the false identitiesPractice makes proficient–we are already perfect.  We just have to Realize it.

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