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Ooh Formless Divine Mother…. hear my longing, hear my prayers for strength to keep going to use every moment for increasing awareness and to allow the surrendering into formless Love. None of the sensory impressions are me, none of the thoughts are me… ooh take me in Your formless arms, take it all, as I have nothing to loose as none is my. Most deepest gratitude for the sages and the selfless offerings to show us the path… humbly I walk in these golden footprints together with my fellow sadhakas friends, which company I value tremendously. Standing ever stronger for what I know to be true: Aham Brahmasmi ♥ And so are all of you! We are all sparks in the divine ocean of bliss, splashing around but One is true essence. See the Absolute smiling, giving and sharing through the human beings… What a joy to be aware in Vaishvanara!  Have a wonderful day ahead full of play, love and giving ♥

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Love Maker, Earth Mover


The old rule, are you ready to break it?
Convention just isn’t strong enough to make it
It collapses under the weight
of a new world order played out in faith
enlightened by a good man worthwhile
An indigo child running wild
sparkling eyes so sweet, noble to the core
No story quite like this has been written before
He speaks kindly and clearly to every man
He’s a language that everyone understands
He’ll stay with you come whatever may
Staring down the impossible, he always sees a way
So simple yet so profound is his gift
No need to struggle, he’ll lend a hand and just lift
this burden into the ether and off your shoulders
He’ll laugh with you as you grow older
A hero that wants only your favor in return
A fireman to rescue you as this world burns
A great example that equalizes the good books
A man that forces you to take a closer look
at the version of truth you’ve chosen to greet
and if you look both ways before you cross this street
you’ll surely see his gorgeous, speeding karma
blow by brilliantly and run right over your dogma

Elevated Fantastical


Dripping high gloss
liberties in home spun lines,
becoming mental floss
barbed with cosmic rhyme.
There’s a new word for high –


Sounds ridiculous, I know.
But go ahead save it in your phone,
let it infiltrate your auto correct.
Accidentally send it to your best friend
in a message trying to describe it –


It’ll sneak in and interject.
Don’t blame me, blame the sentiment
as it loops around to circumvent
a crash landing, saving your life
popping your cockpit so you can eject –


Embrace the delight
you’ve come to expect
from the previous lines
that flowed from the mind
of a gifted astronaut –


No, not Buzz Aldrin.
We left him on the moon because
he was holding us back from resonance.
He ignored the bell that sounded –

ringing Elevatastical!!

Warning us of our fleeting chance
to ride into energy surrounded
by a symphony of the intertwined –

radiantly Elevatastical!!!

Vibrating in a trance,
that stillness designed
finally realized in these
heavenly bodies, embracing the rise.
With pure hearts free,
we’ll make our way outside –

and together we’ll get so Elevatastical!!!!

Opening My Eyes

The Eye

One day while walking along the Ganges, my teacher was told, specifically, by his Guru , “Witness Everything“.  He knew that Swami Rama did not incline towards repeating himself; so, he grunted to acknowledge that he heard the instruction.  But, the sound also signified he needed to digest this morsel a bit longer.

“Witness Everything”,  what a specific, yet, elusive instruction.  As my teacher paradoxically says, “it is simple; but, not easy.”

Often, during the opening of an asana (yoga posture) class, when we begin to focus on the breath, I remind my students we take about 20,000 breaths a day–but, most of them come and go unconsciously.  Yet, it is the most essential of all our bodily functions.  If we were forcibly made to stop breathing, for even a few seconds, we would suddenly become very grateful for our lifeline!

Witnessing = Observing + Non-Attachment

Why on earth would we want to cultivate this state of detached observation?  Witnessing is the essence of mindfulness–the practice of paying attention to and seeing clearly what is happening in our lives.

If we always act from the perspective of the self, life happens to us–it is very personal and selfish. The person that cuts us off is doing that to us personally.  The traffic is affecting us personally.  When we begin to witness we are able to “see” the person cutting us off is actually thinking about themselves. Maybe they were rushing to an emergency! We begin to see all of the people stuck in traffic–we may even develop compassion for so many frustrated individuals.

But, on a deeper level, when, in our meditation practice, we bear witness to our thoughts (remember, this is done with non-attachment or non-judgment), we begin to notice the patterns, trends, and colors of our thoughts.  We begin, without necessarily having to analyze the source of our tendencies, to have more space from the fluctuations in our mind-field.  We begin to see the mind as it is, an infinitely creative tool that is a blessing and a necessity to navigate this earth-plane–instead of seeing the mind as a source of our frustration.

Wake up, or do whatever you will…

Peppering the Day with Mindfulness


I try to avoid reminiscing–not reflecting–on the past.  Reminiscing means that I there is a longing, a desire for what cannot be, a nostalgia (the root word of which is pain).  During reflection, I deliberately consider a past experience, asses if I chose the best course of action, and affirm to continue or discontinue what I was doing.

It is not a lack of sentimentality, rather, I believe (and have been taught), to fully experience one’s life, you have to be awake in the moment–right now.

The highest consciousness is expressing as all of us–right now.  During the state of samadhi we are able to realize this consciousness manifesting as us.  However, it is not something we can do yesterday, it is a level we awaken to in the present.

My teacher eloquently expressed, you are already in samadhi right now; however, that samadhi is on this human incarnation.

The yoga sutras prescribe five efforts and commitments aspirants should cultivate to assist them in remaining fully, nondually, in the present moment: shraddha (faith), virya (positive energy), smriti (mindfulness or remembering), samadhi (seeking sustained meditation), and prajna (pursuing the highest wisdom).

Smriti is not an obsessive needling, it is a gentle determination to perform one’s actions in a way that holds to attention on the highest goal–assuming that is your goal.  Smriti does not pertain to only renunciate, a layperson can practice smriti through their everyday actions.  One classic way is offering all actions to where they came from–the highest source.

The Unity Offering Prayer encompasses this concept (there are many variations available):

“Divine Love as me,
blesses and multiplies.
All that I have, all that I give,
all that I receive”.

When we are in our everyday life, there is a perceived duality. Our locus of operation and the Other. Simply, consistently, “seeing” our actions as service to the Highest is a way to remind us of Our True Nature. If we really believe that there is only One, all actions come from the One. Therefore, offer cleaning the car, mowing the lawn, preparing a meal as seva–selfless service.

P.S. As usual, click the links–the one on the five efforts has an exquisite meditation practice on it!

Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefit

The endeavor of this blog is simple–but not easy: Changing the Past, Transforming the Future, by Loving Right Now!  As most of our readership knows, we strive to serve others through sharing: teachings of the Himalayan Tradition, our insights and experiences in meditation, and our Poetry.  However, my recent acumen is, being a Yoga Meditation Coach supports my own Life Goal–SelfRealization.

As I have said in previous postings, this tradition uses the word Realize (as opposed to transcend) because we are waking up to our Truth–our Real Nature.

About a year ago, my meditation practice began to shift.  I felt a burning desire to affirm to Consciousness my desire to assist others develop a meditation practice.  There were several factors contributing to this pull: I wanted to feel more “authentic”, I was unhappy with the direction I found many asana classes going in, and I was driven by the peace I find when I go inside–even during a seemingly lackluster sitting. Over the course of the year, spaces opened up and I was propelled from leading a casual workshop to several, then to multiple weekly classes and then this blog–which I am so fortunate to share with The Love of my Life.

As space (not really free time) has presented itself in my schedule, it has also presented itself in my heart.  Coaching is propelling me into a place of intense devotion (bhava) to the teachings and teachers which have given me so much. Furthermore, it has forced me to raise the standards I hold myself too.  I was inconsistent.  I used to feel that I could not sit still, I could not quiet my mind (which I have relinquished trying to do), and I could not go deeply into meditation.  But, as I began to share my passion, I found the committment (virya–notice the similarity to virility) that I had previously lacked. Merely (but, again not easily) having a modicum of accountability to others lit a fire under my rear.

My husband often says, “even if you practice serving other for selfish reasons, it raises the vibration of everything”.  When I began this endeavor, I wanted to feel more authentic, was unhappy with classes, wanted to share my perspective on peace– it wasn’t about The Tradition is was about me…

Wow, I still have so much more undoing to do.  As my beloved Swami J reminds me, this practice is about setting aside the false identitiesPractice makes proficient–we are already perfect.  We just have to Realize it.

P.S. Click the links!

I am NOT a Yoga Teacher…

Golden Om

I am not a Yoga Teacher… It sounds so ominous, as if I am rejecting my “career” path of the past 20 years! But, it’s quite the opposite; I am affirming my sadhana (spiritual path)–and that’s what matters.

All speech has an intention underneath it– allowing the propagation of a misnomer, for the sake of simplification, is egregious to a seeker.

I am not a Yoga Teacher–really there is no such thing.  Among many definitions: Yoga is the transcendental state of consciousness; Yoga is the union of the microcosm and the macrocosm– how can one embodied being teach that???

Yes, there are Realized Masters who benevolently impart their wisdom. They have Realized their True Nature and they are guides– but, the aspirant must still walk the path.

In fact, the Yoga Sutras explain that there are three ways to obtain knowledge. Intuition, Experience, and a Qualified Teacher. But, the highest knowledge, truth, is the convergence of all three.

The aforementioned Masters are desireless– but, they share these teachings with the understanding that we are all one and it is the right and privilege of all to Self-Realize.

There is no “Teacher’s Training” that can offer this– because it requires direct experience.  That is the part that seems to be ignored by the conventional.

At this junction I am a Sadhaka, not a Yogi (they have attained Yoga), I hope to Realize this state. But, until then I am a coach, a guide, and an aspirant.