Lemons into…


Having a 4-year-old daughter is a blessing; it’s also a science experiment. Saturday morning began with a sore throat, it progressed to a fever, then I was in urgent care being diagnosed with strep throat. After a shot of antibiotics that looked like they should have been used in equine medicine, I was in bed for the weekend.

Since I consider myself to be spiritual, as all the self-righteous do, I googled “Best Spiritual Movies”. Naturally, I couldn’t just lay in bed and peruse sacred texts. It was an opportunity to watch some old favorites…

I started out nobly enough with Cloud Atlas, into Fight Club (which is profound and eye candy), then (under the guise of watching a movie with my aforementioned 4-year-old) there was Stardust, and (when they had all gone to dinner at my mother’s house) I snuck and watched Bridget Jones’s Diary.

I tend to overwork myself. I tend to believe that if I push harder I’m doing better.  Even with my spiritual practices–although I always tell my students, “you cannot fail or do this incorrectly”.  I am not excusing laziness; discipline is essential for deepening our practice.  But, the universe in his infinite wisdom sometimes makes you just chill out.  I definitely felt immense gratitude for my clean and soft bed.  Sometimes 24 hours in jammies is extremely cathartic.

8 thoughts on “Lemons into…

  1. Well,well, Avril. I hope you are feeling better. I chuckled at your description of parenting yor four year old as a ‘ scientific experiment’. !! What I know for sure is that balance is the only thing that produces excellence on a sustainable level ( I usually do not speak in absolutes). As you know, when you are compassionate with yourself, and take care of yourself, you an be compassionate with others as you care for them. As a young mother mant years ago, it was a lseeon well learned with many ‘do overs'(lol) you are such a blessing and evoke an energy within others that is inspiring. Thanks for all that you do. ” Know your being, and be your knowing”. I Am Quantum


    • It was right after I saw you, the throat started to ache. But, I am learning to really listen to the signals. I am not pushing into pain. Next, I will master how knowing how much I can do–well and without overdoing.


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