Love is the ultimate state of consciousness. This love is of a transcendental nature–not just the emotion-based physical level. This is the layer of Consciousness that has an infinite numbers of names. It is the layer that I attempt to Realize in deep meditation, contemplation, and prayer. I choose the word, “Realize”, as opposed to attain, because it is our true nature. In a sense, we have forgotten it. It is the realm of deathlessness. In fact, when someone dies the pain is due to the separation from their body–not the loss of Love. Because, what is left is what is Real and Permanent, and what is Real and Permanent is Love.


Hello Lovely

Wishing you a day that is perfect as can be

Thank you for your kind words

I will not and do not take them for granted

So happy to have another pair of kind eyes

to enjoy this diverse garden planted

from single letter to written word to full blown verse.

Two kindred spirits meander

Into a clearer message concurred

Revealing the gift

From distant shadows of perceived curse.

Traversing front to back and the reverse

You me us them all one

We are the sweetness that is the end before its begun

thanks to our embrace and what we’ve spun

This tapestry weaves itself with our splendid thread

Into a bigger picture for our third eyes to see

Illustrating a point on which we all agree,

A peace that transforms waking life

breaking the chains perceived as living or dead

Hold tight to this new found immortality

Surrender kindly to the collaboration

that is sweet infinity set free









What’s up?

What’s the situation?

How you doing?

Hey there

What’s brewing?




Good day!

A different greeting

with each heart beat

I leave you with only one farewell

The only good bye worthy

of our meeting

and subsequent chance to play

A sincere, cultivated, and lovely

expression of Namaste!


The story of a world saved,
a man holding our hand
Guiding us with a new way of thinking
and a great sacrifice made

His love song began
With a star, sweet parents, wise men,
and salvation born on a manger’s floor
a great awakening unto man
a blossoming of consciousness like never before
a brighter light shone on God’s plan

He lived a life worthy of our praise
An example for you and I to follow
his encircling arms, and lasting embrace
a reminder that we are full, perfect, and not hollow
We are children of the sacred, armed with trust and light

The story of our life is whatever we make it
so let us give thanks and let our spirits take flight
with the transcendent joy in his story writ
a time spanning classic of love at first sight

Blog Food

Pink is the color of her cheeks and nose.

Smeared with cotton candy snuck
by a toddler in slapdash thieves clothes

A bat man cape, dark footie pajamas and a mask on our poor puppy no less

I heard the crinkling plastic just shy of her escape
I traced her sticky handprints from the kitchen to the dining room drapes

The giggling curtain conjured memories of that wizard in oz
The mess was more like the HBO series in the prison of the same name

The window treatment came down in a whirl of pink pawed and thunderous applause

Revealing a sweet face and a shrill voice exclaimed “isn’t this a lovely game!!??!!”


even though it seems that my heart forgets the song I must remember that it is always humming with the love in the air and on the lips of those with whom I speak and in the eyes of those that pass. Even though it seems that my ears can not hear it, the song is always playing, it is the tree that mistakenly believes it is alone, not making a sound as it falls. We hear you sweet tree, your crash landing reverberates so bitter-sweetly creating many beautiful, multifaceted stories witnessed and experienced by all. The journey to rock bottom is not necessary to the song but helps those of us lost to find it. The only definite in the music is the destination, a pure singular tone that washes away all of the tiny details of up down tree and rock. A tone that returns us to each other and boils it all down to perfection. close your eyes and allow yourself to embrace the anchor of you to all, the song to which we may not always remember but can never really forget Ommmmmmm………

My Sweet Home

My Sweet Home

excuse my ebb on this dandy day
this Georgian air has taken my breath away
those mountains filling my eyes so lovely
the Sweetwater is especially sweet
the summer sounds, so heavenly
the fresh picked peaches make the most of this treat
I crack my pecans and savor the summer,
sip sweet tea and reminisce on the seasons
It was quite a winter, mild and filled with wonder
a perfect autumn for so many reasons
the colors were especially pleasant
the crisp air, brisk
that sweet Georgia spirit is positively transcendent!
Like the dandelions and showers of spring
our smiles come so quick
accompanied by hey y’all and how are things?
That baby bear air is just the trick
to chase away the blues and make our hearts sing
then comes the heat and who could forget the humidity
it’s a special gift if you allow yourself to receive it
It brings you inside revealing a true treasure brilliantly
The wealth of Georgia is really the people it befits
A beautiful diverse sort full of love and laughter
robust spirits brimming with ingenuity
helping hands and goodwill to the rafters
The source of my ebb this day
is an embrace of Georgia at it’s finest
No time for dismay though
I can feel the invigorating southern flow right behind it