Journey to the New AGE

Sri Yantra

Some use the old adage others are hampered by a blockage

still more complain of the contest’s early stoppage.

It used to be about all types of suffrage

or the top quality of your package

but thankfully that unique carnage

has given way to a growing spiritual assemblage.

The great advantage of our marriage to each other

and our growing courage

is releasing us from bondage, giving us strength as the right arm

or should I say appendage

of a collective that is our right and our secret heritage.

This is not the hopeless wreckage.

It is the total package

waiting for you and I to manage our miscarriage

and unpack our baggage.

What waits for us? Only limitless advantage

and the demise of outrage as we celebrate a brand new image,

and the obsolescence of preface as we engage in this great and complex voyage

that will lead us to love and ultimately safe passage into the new frontier of a

perfect AGE

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