My Sweet Home

My Sweet Home

excuse my ebb on this dandy day
this Georgian air has taken my breath away
those mountains filling my eyes so lovely
the Sweetwater is especially sweet
the summer sounds, so heavenly
the fresh picked peaches make the most of this treat
I crack my pecans and savor the summer,
sip sweet tea and reminisce on the seasons
It was quite a winter, mild and filled with wonder
a perfect autumn for so many reasons
the colors were especially pleasant
the crisp air, brisk
that sweet Georgia spirit is positively transcendent!
Like the dandelions and showers of spring
our smiles come so quick
accompanied by hey y’all and how are things?
That baby bear air is just the trick
to chase away the blues and make our hearts sing
then comes the heat and who could forget the humidity
it’s a special gift if you allow yourself to receive it
It brings you inside revealing a true treasure brilliantly
The wealth of Georgia is really the people it befits
A beautiful diverse sort full of love and laughter
robust spirits brimming with ingenuity
helping hands and goodwill to the rafters
The source of my ebb this day
is an embrace of Georgia at it’s finest
No time for dismay though
I can feel the invigorating southern flow right behind it

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