Hello Lovely

Wishing you a day that is perfect as can be

Thank you for your kind words

I will not and do not take them for granted

So happy to have another pair of kind eyes

to enjoy this diverse garden planted

from single letter to written word to full blown verse.

Two kindred spirits meander

Into a clearer message concurred

Revealing the gift

From distant shadows of perceived curse.

Traversing front to back and the reverse

You me us them all one

We are the sweetness that is the end before its begun

thanks to our embrace and what we’ve spun

This tapestry weaves itself with our splendid thread

Into a bigger picture for our third eyes to see

Illustrating a point on which we all agree,

A peace that transforms waking life

breaking the chains perceived as living or dead

Hold tight to this new found immortality

Surrender kindly to the collaboration

that is sweet infinity set free

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