The Snowflake

Time after time
The ether is my home
It is vast and formless
My dwelling is the wide open spaces that exist between nucleus and electrons.
My actions are those that give shape to the boundless.
Color and run down these walls
Building the castle of our experience
Playing house to the psyche
Cheffing up the healthy meal that is our sustenance
Eat with me.
Share the nutritious handshake that grows your hair and sculpts your muscles
Use this energy to play the game of life and produce the epic known as love to polish off this great work.
Hold my hand and put this effort to rest as we sharpen our instruments and prepare to cut infinity into a billion,
billion snowflakes that blanket the perceivable world in a beauty so unique,
that this moment will never exist this precisely perfect again.
The chaos has no choice but to give way, it will hold its current incarnation
just a moment before spinning into a brand new snow storm cold, powerful, and matchless in its infinite splendor

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